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1.  After I plug in the flash drive, nothing happens.
The program has what is called AutoPlay, where a screen comes up once you plug in the flash drive, and all you need to do is click to go into ProtectMyPapers.  If your computer does not have that turned on, go to the Control Panel, look for AutoPlay and turn it on for Software and Games.  Then go to Computers or My Computer.  Look for the drive that has a globe and ProtectMyPapers next to it and click it.  You'll see a directory called PMP.  Double click on it.  Go down to the file ProtectMyPapers.  It is an Application and you'll notice an earth globe.  Double click on it to enter the program. After you complete registration and accept the license agreement you will be asked if you want us to create a shortcut to your desktop.

2.  What is the best way to get started.  Enter the program and immediately read the Getting Started screen in the right panel.  It is always attached to Identification Documents, the first category in the left panel category tree.  Thereafter, read the Help that is attached to each subcategory, like Drivers Licenses or Social Security Cards.
3.  Nothing happens when I try to scan.
The first thing to do is try scanning from YOUR scan program to make sure that your scanner software is loaded and that your computer and scanner are working together properly.  If you can scan there, then go back into PMP and in the right panel, look for the icon at the top that says Select Scanner - it is the first icon.  After you select your scanner it should work if it is twain compatible, which most are.
4.  How do I use the help?
Each time you select a subcategory, like Drivers Licenses or under Insurance, Auto, you will notice the help screen at the right.  It will have Specific Help or Hints for that particular category, but always some routine General Help Suggestions.  They vary from screen to screen, so enjoy getting to know a little about each.
5.  Why do I have to do something before I can remove the flash drive?
You can damage the files on any flash drive if it is not removed properly. That is why your computers operating system gives you that icon on the desktop tray.  It will say something like "Safely Remove Hardware".  Click on it and follow the brief instructions, then remove your flash drive.  Always note the drive letter of your flash drive after you plug it in.  Even the same port can have a different letter than the previous session.

6.  How Do I Backup My Data? 

You can backup to most any media, since the backup files are also encrypted.  After you are at the main screen in PMP, click on the Backup icon at the bottom left. You will see "Select Backup Destination" come up.  At the end of the box click on the small file folder icon.
The next screen opens and the second selection on the left says  Directories:  Double click on the C: drive if you want to backup to your computer's hard drive. (If you want to select another drive, look to the lower right that says  Drives:  and click the drive you want)
The top line should now say C:\ in this example. Click on the top line after the drive information and type in a new directory name. We suggest  PMP , but you can type any file name you wish. (However, you must type in PMP if you are backing up to another ProtectMyPapers flash drive.)  Then Click OK at the bottom right.  You'll be asked to confirm that you wish to create a new directory. Click OK.
You are now back to the original "Select Backup Destination" with your newly selected backup drive and destination directory. Click OK at the bottom to backup your files.  In the future, this drive and directory will default. Simply Click OK at the bottom to backup again.  It will ask if you want to overwrite the existing two files with the more current data.  Click OK to both questions and you are backed up.
If you continue to experience challenges, email us at support@protectmypapers.com   Include your phone number.  If we are unable to resolve the issue by email, we will contact you.


With your purchase you'll receive one hour of free service and support in the first 90 days.  If you select the Recurring Annual Fee equal to your original purchase price, you'll receive free continued service and support as well as routine updates.

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